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Being a Woman Boudoir… It’s more than a session, it’s what it means for you.

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“I felt exactly how I needed to feel, thank you for giving that back to me.” ~Ms. S

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“I’ve been suggesting you to literally all my girlfriends. You helped boost a confidence I haven’t had since having kids!”  ~ Mrs. E

Questions and Answers

I am not a model and have never done anything like this before, how does this work?

The first thing we will do is have a phone consult and talk all the details beginning with what has inspired you to want to do a boudoir session, what to wear, investment, and anything else in between!

Do I come up with the poses or do you help with that?

Posing, lighting, making you feel relaxed and comfortable during your session are all my job.  I will show you the poses first and direct you as needed with each shot taken.  I have been posing clients of all different body types for 20+ years and know what angles will capture exactly what we want to see. 

How do I pick out what to wear for my session? Does it have to all be sexy lingerie?

The session is about what being a woman feels and looks like to you, the clothing you choose should be what makes you feel sexy and that doesn’t have to be lingerie. Maybe it’s a baggie shirt with panties, your honey’s button-up shirt and heels, bra and pantie set, satin gown, or gorgeous dress.  You get 4 different looks so play with it, mix it up, the possibilities are endless.

Do you offer hair and makeup?

I do! It is optional but 95% of my clients choose to have this service.  I have HMUAs that I work with who are true professionals and are amazing at what they do. Your stylist if you choose to have one will come to the studio and that will be the first hour and half of your time spent with me. One stop pampering.

Do you ever go on location to do a session or do you strictly shoot at your space?

I can absolutely do on location.  I have traveled all over to photograph my clients including out of state.

What is the turn around time from session date to getting finished products?

You will want to plan on 4 to 8 weeks depending on what collection you decide to purchase.

Misconceptions of Boudoir

There are so many misconceptions regarding boudoir photography. I would like to clear those up before we go any further.

Boudoir is for every woman. Sexy is not a shape but an attitude!


Boudoir is not about doing naked photographs of yourself, it is about wearing whatever makes you feel like a confident, empowered, beautiful, sexy, real woman. 

This doesn’t have to be a gift for your significant other, this can absolutely be just for you!  It is okay, even encouraged to invest in yourself. You work hard and you deserve it!



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