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Meet your Photographer

 I believe I did not choose photography as a profession but that photography chose me. 

At age eleven I was given a gift of a camera by my grandmother and one roll in I knew I had found my forever passion, and purpose. 


That passion and purpose drove me to graduate with honors from the Hallmark Institute of Photography with my portfolio ranking amongst the top 10% of my class.  Post graduation I’ve been working as professional photographer for 26 years, 24 of which I have owning my business. I have been an active member of the New England Professional Photography Associates, and I have been featured in the Cambridge Who’s Who 16th edition of up and coming professionals in the field of Photography and business.


I am single mother of three amazing children which has left me with forever marks of motherhood that have completely changed the look and shape of my body but, even before children I struggled with liking my body.  We as women always find our flaws before we see our beauty. Why is that?  Through my photography and working with amazing women, empowering them to feel beautiful and to appreciate the incredible things their bodies are capable, and wanting to show it off, has been as therapeutic and inspiring for me as it has been for them and that’s incredible to me. 


No matter your shape or size, we are all beautiful in our unique ways and I pride myself on being able to create images that capture and reflect this beauty. Working with my clients to highlight their unique qualities in a way that reignites their confidence and reassures them of how special they are, is a dream come true for me.  I so look forward to you contacting me to book a session. I can’t wait to capture what being a woman means for you!