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Love Notes

“If you are nervous about doing a boudoir don’t be!!  You can trust Tia!  She is gracefully honest about how to move your body into positions that flatter you and if she doesn’t like it she asks you to move just a bit.  Her honesty, professionalism, fun attitude and her ability to laugh with me through this and keeping on track, finding the comfort with my body through the process makes it all work.

~ Mrs. A

“I felt awkward at first because I was out of my comfort zone. Tia and the atmosphere made it more comfortable and easier to relax and enjoy it.  It was lots of fun and uplifting. Tia was patient and comforting.  I am in awe of my photos, I love them.  I did not see myself like that before.  This was definitely a confidence booster.  Woman are resilient and strong in general, but this session absolutely brings it to light. We are beautiful, classy, sexy, and should be proud of how we look.  I see all that in myself now.”

~Ms. P

“I wanted to feel confident and not nervous in the session.  I’m not going to lie, in the beginning I was petrified.  Was scared to death.  Thought about canceling more than once.  But I just kept pushing my fear aside and said YOU WILL DO THIS.  Feeling at east and comfortable in front of someone else is most important in getting great pictures.  I loved Tia’s apartment, the studio, the props, and Tia…  she made it feel effortless, she was confident, engaging, she smiled all the time, she threw out positive vibes and the kindest comments, and just put me at ease.  Was a fantastic experience for me in every way.  I LOVE my images.  In fact, I was pleasantly surprised when seeing them.  I had no idea that they would be as beautiful as they are.  It has helped me really look at myself, and try and rethink about who I am as a woman, not just my “fat tummy” or any of the “bad” (in my own head) parts of me.  It’s been a very rewarding experience and I am very thankful to have met Tia and gone through this with her.  I’m very happy.”

~Mrs. T

“I was inspired to do a Boudoir session with Tia because I was inspired by her images I had seen from previous sessions. They were so beautiful and classy. I admire her talent. We had got to know each other through doing my sons senior pictures. During my session I felt so comfortable and relaxed. I surprised myself with how comfortable Tia made me feel. How Tia poses, her attention to detail, and how caring she was made me feel like I could be natural. My session changed how I look and feel about myself immensely. I’ve always critiqued my photo images or my mirror reflection. For the first time I was so amazed and felt so good.”


~Mrs. N

“This was a gift and initially I wanted to decline the gift because the thought of it made me very anxious.  But I decided that I needed to push myself as maybe I would later regret to not at least try and do something that was out of my comfort zone.  I loved how all I can see in your images is a beautiful women who is radiating confidence and I so wanted that too! During the session Tia made me feel totally at ease, so much so that I chose to start with an outfit I imagined I would have to work the nerve up to wear. To hear Tia say “you are so beautiful” or “your husband is going to love that one” just made me beem in the inside and out! I was very anxious to see the photos and I know it was because I just wanted them to be as beautiful as I imagined…and were they ever!”

~Mrs. M

“I was drawn to Tia’s work because of her use of lighting to get SO many different moods into one shoot!  I was ecstatic to see my finished images!! So many pictures and so many different moods and feelings all in one shoot!  I was also super excited to see what the pictures looked like because so much time was spent getting the poses perfect! My favorite part of the session was feeling like I could relax and enjoy the process and not have to think about what pose to do next. Also picking out what outfits to use!  Other women wanting to do this need to just take the leap and do it, you come out seeing yourself in a different light and can get so much confidence from the experience.”


~Miss E.

There were so many things that I was concerned about
– who would see the photos, how would I feel
“modeling” for the photos, would the camera capture
the best “side” or the right angle. Having never
experience a boudoir session I had many
questions/concerns and yet Tia made me feel
comfortable, answered all of my questions, started the
right conversations to understand what I was thinking,
and she knew exactly what angle to pose me, she
asked just the right questions and knew exactly how I
envisioned beauty for myself. Once I let go a little, I
realized I was actually having fun, the laughs will
always be the most memorable and how Tia made me
feel…. I felt like a glamorous movie star!
When I saw my images honestly, I was blown away.
Tia insisted we meet to go over the photos, she did not
want to just “drop them off” as I was suggesting… I am
so glad, I was speechless with the end results of the
session, I had no idea how gorgeous these photos
were going to be. They were elegant and classy and
sexy all rolled into one, and they were all photos of me!
Tia is really empowering women in these sessions to
be true to themselves and for turning our thoughts and
ideas of beauty into reality. She is doing more than
photographing women, she is capturing who we are in
our own words and allowing us to see ourselves from a positive perspective.

                                                                   Ms. J