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"I don't know how to pose, do you help with that?"

Absolutely, that is my job! Your job is to show up, sexy outfits in hand, relax, and have fun!

"I don't have a lot of sexy lingerie, is that okay?"

The session is about what being a woman means to you, the clothing you choose, what makes you feel sexy doesn’t have to be lingerie. Maybe it’s a baggie shirt with panties, your honey’s button-up shirt and heels, bra and pantie set, satin gown, or gorgeous dress, the possibilities are endless. 

"Where does the session take place?"

The Majority of the sessions are done in my apartment studio. I do travel as well if you would like to create your collection in your personal space or outdoor location.

"Do your clients do their own hair and makeup?"

About half of my clients do their own hair and makeup. For the women that know they need some help in this area, I have hair & makeup stylists that I work with regularly.  They are true professionals and amazing at what they do. They come to my studio for you unless you prefer to go to them.

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